Everyone has a story, and real pain they’re dealing with right now. If you’re on the road to recovery, we know it hasn’t been easy. It’s a long journey with good, bad and in-between days. Nobody understands this better than our friend and co-founder, Grant Lee. Hear his story about how he recovered from addiction through the process of NAD therapy.



“I about lost everything in my life. I almost lost my wife, and I went through one divorce. I got to a point where I was tired of it. I tried to quit on my own. Ten days later I’d be back on it. I didn’t understand addiction very well. I didn’t believe that it was a disease and it just kept beating me. 

I had a real good friend tell me about this place that was doing this infusion treatment called NAD. I had never heard of NAD — most people have never heard of it. NAD is actually something our body makes naturally. With substance abuse, and with time, your body quits making it so much. NAD is a coenzyme, a fuel that repairs every cell in your body. I was skeptical, but I went because I trusted this friend. 

It was a ten-day outpatient treatment. They hooked me up on an IV and started infusing this NAD. When I woke up about three days in, I talked with therapists, drug counselors, psychiatrists, and they started teaching me about addiction and helping me. About the fourth day in, my mind got so much clarity. Throughout the next six days, I started feeling better and better. The post-acute withdrawal symptoms that would have usually started up never did. By the tenth day, man I felt better than I’d felt in 15 years. So I started thinking about why this is so unheard of. Why is this not in Arkansas? I mean, I have people that I know this year that have died from drug addiction, and drug overdose. 

If you think Incura can be a solution for you, or you’re interested in using technology to help you get through this addiction, then what you want to do is call us up. We’re going to make it easy for you. We’re going to get some information from you and set up a consultation by phone, or in person. We can do in 10 days what normally your body might take six months to a year to do!”

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