Intravenous NAD+ drug detox discussed on KATV

The Interview

Check it out! KATV’s Good Morning Arkansas interviews Seth Kleinbeck, MD and Grant Lee about Incura’s revolutionary drug treatment programs and their intravenous NAD+ drug detox In the interview. Viktoria Capek explores more about their break-through use of IV NAD+ to combat the withdrawal symptoms of illicit drug usage. Grant Lee explains about their partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient treatment programs and Dr. Seth Kleinbeck talks about the benefits of NAD+ in drug detox. Incura’s none methadone methods are changing how drug treatment is viewed. No longer does a person have to rely on other dangerous and addictive substances to detox from drugs.

What is NAD+ and how we use it in detox

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is a co-enzyme found in every cell of our bodies. It is literally the fuel of our DNA. The fuel for the engine that repairs cells! Our bodies metabolite this from vitamins and turn it into energy. During addiction, the bodies ability to “keep up” on repairs is exhausted and this is when you will start to see a large degrade in physical and mental health. At Incura we boost those NAD levels intravenously over several days to initiate repair and assist the body as the illicit substance moves off of the corresponding brain receptor. This allows for greatly improved recovery times while diminishing the painful withdrawal symptoms and craving. Our IV NAD+ drug detox is designed to combat both the initial acute withdrawal phase of recovery and the post acute withdrawal phase.

Our Treatment Programs

Once through the detox treatment, a patient is then transfer to the next level of care, partial hospitalization for a number of days and then moved onto intensive outpatient therapy. These programs are designed to give the level of medical care and oversight during the post cute withdrawal stages while proving the skills and resources necessary to obtain and maintain long term sobriety.

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